Promote Your Brand Using Simple Reel Ideas!

Tech Start-ups 4 min read , November 8, 2023

Introduction To Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are not just here, but here to make a splash. This distinct feature was Launched in late-2019, Instagram’s response to Tik Tok has received mixed responses from creators, influencers, and brands. But big-name businesses such as Sephora, Walmart, and Beardbrand are already on board. Be sure to arrest the attention of targeted audiences with captivating Reel ideas.

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Tiktok Videos For Reels

How does this concern you as a brand owner? Instagram Reels is another great way for your brand to increase engagement and awareness on an already popular network. And by creating Reels, you now have an opportunity to take advantage of its potential early.

We want to help. If you don't already have an idea about what Reels and Tiktok entails, you can check out our videos for amazing Reel ideas and inspirations.

Below are some of the best Instagram Reels ideas to help jump-start your creative process.

1. Share Tips & Tricks On Your Reels

This Reel idea works perfectly. So, sharing pertinent industry tips on your Instagram reel; could be a particular recipe or a trade secret for making the product stand out. Sharing information enhances your brand reputation as an air of expertise. Also, the more tips you share on social media will account for increased social proof, and social proof is an important element in digital marketing and in building the reputation of a business. Targeted audiences are more inclined to patronize a product or service when they see a lot of people doing the same.

2. Show a Before and After on Your Reels.

Only a few percentages Show a before & After Photo. Showing before and after production is a great way to catch your audience's attention and get more engagement on your page. Not only can they be fascinating, but they can also be satisfying to watch. These Reel ideas have worked for brands and will definitely work for yours too.

3. How-To/Tutorial Videos.

There are many ways to create How -To Videos/ Tutorials using Reels, from showing your followers how best to use your products to get the desired result to giving instructions on the usage and guide.

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How To Make Yummy Omelette

How-to Tutorials helps to convey expertise status on brand owners depending on how best you can utilize it. Showing how-to videos will attract more audience to your page and also increase referrals because people like learning tricks and hacks in an entirely new way or dimension. Are you sure you don't want to give these Reel ideas a trial?

4. Hop on a Trend

One easy way to get your Reels out in the limelight is by hopping on trends like Tiktok, Challenge. Once in a while, it is not a bad idea to join prevalent trends/ challenges; it drives more traffic to your page and increases the potentials of getting more sales clicked. Especially when the trend in question is related to your brand or industry, you should not be left out.

5. Answer FAQ On Your Reels

To get ideas on FAQs, scroll through the comment section and DM for questions people ask more often. Ensure to put these questions together as FAQ and use them for your Reel posts.

Nonetheless, answering FAQs help new people on your page answer the question they have in mind and helps hasten purchase decision.

FAQs should be compiled often and put together in the story section of Your IG page. These videos can also be put together to make a Reel.

6. Use Catchy Cover Page For Your Reels

Before posting Reels, ensure to select a cover page that looks catchy enough and give a short description of the Reel content. It is imperative to choose a cover page for your reels to avoid thumbnails.

Thumbnails are what happens when you post content, and the part that appears on your page looks blank. It most often affects engagement on the post because it will appear blank. The cover page can be your brand logo, a template with the Reel topic written or a catchy image to grasp viewers attention.

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Cover Photo Image

7. Promote Upcoming Videos or Podcast Episodes

If you have a Podcast, a Youtube channel or a Tiktok account, you can promote the videos by uploading short clips of the videos on Reels and refer people back to the original post for complete details. Promoting Youtube videos on other social media platforms also helps you to convert the audience from other social media accounts to the main channel where the purchase will take effect.

Show off your talents

Instagram Reels and TikToks are filled with niche accounts where people are able to show off their incredibly unique and specific talents and interests. So, you can do the same. By showing off your talent, people will learn new ways of doing things, this will, in turn, drive traffic to your page.

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Little Girl Showing Off Her Cooking Skills


Reels are a new way of engaging with your Instagram community and reach a broad audience. Also, use these Instagram reels ideas, and be sure to reach out to a broader range of audience and get more engagement on your page.

While using this fantastic feature, don't forget to explore, be as flexible as possible, and don't forget the primary purpose of Reels, to drive more audience to your page and finally convert the audiences to customers.

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