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Renowned CEO, Yomi Obisesan Discussed the challenges & Opportunities associated with Building Tech startups.

Tech Leaders 2 min read , February 8, 2022
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Do you know the reason why many startup businesses fold up within a short period? Most of them are not prepared to face the challenges associated with running a business especially one in tech and are not taking full advantage of some viable opportunities in technology to scale up.

Tedbree welcomed Yomi Obisesan, founder of The Black Empowerment Initiative, as a guest on its inaugural Instagram Live this year.

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Yomi Obisesan - Founder of Black Empowerment Initiative.

He highlighted what it takes to Build a Tech Startup: The Challenges and Opportunities.

Yomi Obisesan holds a First-Class Master's Degree in Finance from the Universities of Bristol and Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

He is also a highly experienced data expert with over a decade of experience delivering great analysis, insights, visualization, and sustainable solutions across various Infrastructure, Regulatory, and Technology sectors.

His Initiative - The Black Empowerment Initiative - aims to increase the Black Community's influence for positive change around the world.
The Initiative is committed to teaching, empowering, and elevating the worldwide Black community through its Academy, which offers a variety of courses in areas such as machine learning, data science, and big data.

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| Header Imagine | Tedbree | Renowned CEO, Tommie Edwards Discussed the challenges & Opportunities associated with Building Tech startups.
Tommie Edwards - CEO/Founder of Tedbree

During his conversation with the host, Tommie Edwards - CEO Tedbree, Yomi noted that one of the Initiative's primary goals is to train a minimum of 5000 black professionals in Data Science annually.

Tommie then inquired about the motivation for this goal in light of the enormous number involved.

As an accomplished data professional and holder of a First-class degree, Yomi understands the value of education and its numerous benefits. Given the high cost of education and fueled by his passion for sharing knowledge, the Data Scientist founded the Black Empowerment Initiative with the goal of giving back to the community by training 5000 black professionals in Data Science via its Academy.

Yomi spoke about major challenges and opportunities he has learned from his decade long experience as a Founder, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. You can watch him speak here. Keep track of new events and webinars by following us on Instagram @tedbree.

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