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Top Artificial Intelligence Tools Changing The Tech Industry

Tech Tools 8 min read , August 19, 2022
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As technology changes at an unprecedented rate, artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming necessary in many businesses. Nearly every industry is already leveraging AI technologies, including retail, healthcare and transportation. We can already see the impact AI will have on the world of work and how automation will evolve throughout industries in the years ahead.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the heart of the advancement of technology. The idea of AI in the tech industry controls the future and everything it entails. In addition to revolutionising traditional computing techniques. AI has been deeply ingrained in numerous industries, profoundly transforming them.

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Tech companies and other organisations need to keep up with the world's expanding process complexity, and fast advancements as industries get more digital and smarter.

What Is Artificial Intelligence and Why Is it Important?

Artificial Intelligence replicates human intelligence processes or behaviours by machines or programmed robotics. Especially computer systems, to gather, sort, dispense information and perform specific tasks.

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Artificial Intelligence is used in nearly every sector, including the health care sector, banking, law, security, business, transportation, finance, and technology industry.

The primary purpose of Artificial Intelligence has been to reduce human efforts as much as possible and make activities much more accessible and better.

AI might improve nearly every process, and the tech industry would undoubtedly become the biggest beneficiary of AI technologies.

The innovation and adoption of AI have exploded in the last few years, particularly during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, business executives have grown increasingly confident in AI's ability to tackle the world's most challenging problems. And produce outcomes that will deliver humanity from its current crisis.

This has resulted in a rapid increase in AI adoption and innovation. Healthcare industry executives and experts in the field have benefited most from the technology. Since they overwhelmingly think that AI can reduce their existing difficulties in solving the most challenging problems.

With continuous work on the advancement of AI in computers, chatbots and robots, they can be much better and even outsmart humans in years to come.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Just as the world of technology has evolved over the last decade, its use in business has also changed. AI tools have become more accessible, allowing businesses to make changes easier. AI is helping managers automate jobs and create new products and services. And access information in various ways that were not previously possible – all powered by a single platform.

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1. Virtual agents/ ChatBots

Virtual agents are popular because they allow developers to create tools to interact with humans. They provide various services, including voice assistance, artificial intelligence, computer vision and natural language processing (NLP). Virtual agents act as language assistants and supercharge your customer service processes for customers and sales.

Whether as ChatBots or other forms of virtual agents, like Google Artificial Intelligence, Alexia, Siri, and others, they open a new age of human-computer interaction. They are considered an evolutionary step ahead when making the world computers friendly. And they have emerged as the best assistants to people needing help.

2. Decision Management Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise-level decision management systems automate the process of business data analysis and decision-making so that you can focus on your core business.

Decision management AI helps in providing up-to-date analysis and helps in making quick decisions. As a result, the level of risk involved in businesses is getting mitigated as data are analysed faster to determine the best decision. By default, this type of AI saves time, operation cost, and more in businesses. Moreover, it is used in nearly every industry, including financial services, insurance, e-commerce, health care, etc.

Additionally, tools like BreeCMS help businesses create websites, track analytics, build customer relationships, optimise site performances, and more, all in one app.

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3. Artificial Intelligence Content Tools

AI content creation tools can help you improve your writing and publishing of content. Using these tools, your content and marketing team can create more effective marketing materials to help grow your business.

Although it's still arguable whether AI content generators can replace the human touch content, they certainly help in proofreading, editing, and writing faster content.

4. Personalised Marketing

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AI personalisation marketing uses algorithms to predict customers' interests and tailor the content received before, during, and after a customer makes a purchase. It's one of the hottest trends in online marketing today, and with many companies using it to enhance their customer experience, it's likely to stay that way for a while.

OneSpot Research reported that 88% of the surveyed consumers feel better about a brand with personalised marketing. AIs now provide personalised recommendations that help drive more engagement and lead conversion.

5. Security and Surveillance

AI technology has shown its great potential in bolstering the security of our lives and livelihoods.

With AIs, human monitors can concentrate on confirming and responding to critical incidents while the AI video monitoring software handles the surveillance aspect of constant monitoring and detection.

These systems can also spot irregular behaviour that human eyes might sometimes miss.

Surveillance systems in high-threat public areas, such as government buildings, utilise an extension of AI-based facial recognition software.

How Artificial Intelligence Tools Are Changing The Tech Industry

AI tools provide better and more responsive customer services, personalised searches, business intelligence and analytics. It also provides speed and efficiency in performing activities.

Its efficiency in providing efficient solutions to problems, especially in the tech industry, has attracted the attention of the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and SAS. They have made AI the core of their business activities.

Here are a few ways AI Tools are changing the industry:

1. Artificial Intelligence helps In the Reduction Or Eradication Of Errors

There has been a buildup of data and files throughout the years due to the development of technology, population increase, and evolution of daily human activity.

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If humans handle massive, heavy files, there is a considerable likelihood of error and miscalculations. Storing and searching for large files would be a difficult task to perform.

AI has led to the evolution and creation of supercomputers into super-fast computers to get things done at a speedy pace, reduce errors to the barest minimum, and interpret large data.

2. Improved Customer Service

It is nearly impossible for humans to attend to the needs and questions of customers round the clock and keep up with current feeds to update them.

The use of Artificial Intelligence chatbots tools, which mainly focus on natural language processing for customer service and engagement, helps deliver satisfaction to their customers from anywhere at any time.

These applications are programmed with automatic responses to imitate how a human would respond, according to the information they have gathered and processed.

Regardless of the time and place, 24/7 services are achievable without the physical presence of someone.

Salesforce Einstein is a good Artificial Intelligence tool used to sort through and process customers' data and enhance good customer service.

Bolt and Lyft are also examples of apps that can effectively provide customer services with the help of AI in their mobile apps, like the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Google map to detect their customers' locations wherever they might be.

3. Enhancement Of Internet Experience

Globally, artificial intelligence has led to the desegregation of concepts like Web 3, virtual realities, metaverse and the likes that have allowed for a more developed and heightened Internet experience.

The tech industry keeps working to develop new technologies that would offer customers better experiences. The progression from 2G to 3G to 4G and the move toward 5G are towards a better and more streamlined internet experience.

4. Protection From Cyber Attack

Artificial intelligence-based tools are employed to defend against cyber-attacks and maintain cyber security. Cybersecurity dangers may be recognised, predicted, and prevented using AI and machine learning.

Like Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA), Symantec employs technology to recognise and thwart targeted cyberattacks.

Data about customers and the firm is shielded from hacker attempts and intrusion, drastically reducing the risk of fraud. Passwords, codes, and face detection on devices have all been used to limit unauthorised access to data.

5. Recruitment Of Job Candidates

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for companies like Tech1M to select, evaluate, and hire job prospects entirely based on precise data and algorithms.

Additionally, professionals and applicants can be gathered worldwide rather than only selected from a specific region or location.

Information about candidates is acquired, reviewed, and analysed to hire highly qualified candidates without bias, prejudice, or wasting time.

In contrast to a few decades ago, credentials could be fabricated to obtain employment. It is now difficult to show a fabricated certification when looking for work because it would be quickly discovered.

6. Optimal And Secure Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the tech industry has changed the processes of doing things. It has provided a more secure and organised way of getting things done without so much workload on people.

If you seek perfection in how things are done, AI ensures that because of its ability to keep learning and accumulate more data. However, there is room for improvement, so it continues to get better to offer the best services and responses.

The combination of the human mind for innovations and ideas and the capacities of AI makes it possible to deliver quality, accurate, secure and optimal services and responses.

Closing Thought

Undoubtedly, introducing artificial intelligence into our professional and personal lives has been an advantage.

Regardless of size, businesses are working to streamline operations and make AI the driving force behind the development of the modern tech industry.

It is evident that AI plays a critical part in the current tech revolution and cannot be ignored.

Despite several clear limitations that prevent AI from reaching its full potential, the industry is expanding with impressive successes. The industry generates public interest as businesses compete to produce the best answers to complicated requests worldwide.

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