The Advancement of Tech in the Health and Wellness Industry.

Tech Leaders 3 min read , August 11, 2022
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With global innovation, the health and wellness industry has experienced a significant shift (tech) that enables increased access to health services.

A few decades ago, you'd have to visit the hospital before you could guarantee any professional health care. But now, with several on-demand platforms providing even more personalized health services, health and wellness seem to be at the fingertips.

However, the story may not be all good as it seems. There could be cons to advancing tech in the health and wellness industry.

header image | | Margaret Bell | the advancement of Tech in the Health and Wellness Industry |
Margaret Bell, CEO Naturally Empowered Health.

In the recent buzzchat, the CEO of Tedbree, Tommie Edwards, spoke with health and wellness experts on "The Advancement of Technology in the Health and Wellness Industry."

The speakers, Margaret Bell, CEO of Naturally Empowered Health, Joyce Awosika-CEO ORIKI Group & Unwind and Isoken Obaseki, CEO LilyFlow Organ ic Feminine Care, shared their successes and expectations while incorporating tech in their respective industries.

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Technology has brought Customised Health Services.

Technology has brought many tools and equipment to ease medical treatments ranging from telemedicine to smart fitness apps that customers can use. With these tools, you get a tailored service right from your home. For example, think about having to book an online session or get any health products using a verified health app.

Right in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy a health or wellness service or have your preferred products delivered to your doorstep.

Increased Customers Reach

With technology, you can reach health practitioners faster using their separate online platforms.

Header image | | Isoken obaseki | the advancement of Tech in the Health and Wellness Industry |
Isoken Obaseki, CEO LilyFlow Organic Feminine Care.

Ease of access and quick global reach is another advantage in the event worthy of mention. Isoken Obaseki asserted that tech had brought her customers closer, helped her provide personalized products and reached a broader audience on different continents.

And with automation, there's been increased revenue in her business.

The Role of Technology in Increasing Health Awareness.

Recently, technology has been used to educate people on natural and organic products, nutrition, and self-care. In addition, with tech tools and apps, many health practitioners have connected more with people and created more awareness of health issues in their communities.

Joyce agreed that technology has helped her company promote their services but much more buttress the benefits of its products.

Expectations: Technological Advancement in the Future

Expectations are high for technological advancement in the health sector. Virtual reality and AI are expected to be fully optimized in the coming years. Recently, 100 doctors separated newly born siamese twins using virtual reality. More AI should be expected in the coming years as anything is possible, said Joyce Awosika in the event

Header image | | joyce awosika | The Advancement of Tech in the Health and Wellness Industry |
Joyce Awosika-CEO ORIKI Group & Unwind

On the client's side, as technology advances, there would be an increased demand for bespoke health services curated for customers and increased usage of on-demand services.

Furthermore, there is the expectation that General Practitioners would become more enlightened, using technology to collaborate with specialist health practitioners.

Technology has its Health Hazards.

Despite the enormous advantages of tech, it still poses a challenge. Nowadays, tech seems to exert a lot of pressure on its users while exposing people to health hazards associated with its use.

Although technology can significantly improve individuals' health and wellness outcomes, unregulated use of it has its dangers. The disadvantages could outweigh the benefits if left unchecked, from mental health pressures to misguided online information associated with its interaction.

AI in the health and wellness industry

When it comes to mental health, much human interaction is needed. Although AI is great, it may not be a replacement for physical interaction while dealing with mental health; Margaret Bell spoke at the event.

As a health and wellness practitioner, you can leverage technology to ensure your services are personalized and tailored to your client's needs.

Catch up on the event and learn more about it here; The Advancement of Technology in the Health and Wellness Industry.

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