How to Maximize Your Website For Black Friday

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Black Friday, which began in the United States to celebrate the Christmas shopping season, has quickly gained traction worldwide. Global shoppers spend an estimated 116.6 million hours shopping on Black Friday 2020, with total revenue sitting at $188.2 billion.

In the past, endless films of consumers swarming into businesses and fighting over reduced merchandise were normal.

Consumer behaviours, on the other hand, are shifting. Consumers are increasingly shopping online due to advancements in technology and the consequences of the epidemic, while in-store sales have plunged.

Businesses with an easy-to-use website are the third most important factor in influencing Black Friday buyers' decisions to buy or not buy.

With these figures in mind, it's critical to maximize your company's eCommerce potential for Black Friday 2021.

Tested Ways to Maximize Your Website For Black Friday

Website Traffic

Black Friday sales traffic is likely to be higher than any other time of year if you're giving a decent deal, and your website needs to be prepared to handle an influx of clients.

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Website Traffic

There has been news throughout the years of businesses losing a significant amount of sales due to their websites collapsing.

To deal with increasing traffic to the site, developers can use tools like Load Impact or Pingdom to simulate peak traffic figures, allowing them to see how the website performs under duress.

It may also be beneficial to compress pictures, modify HTML components, and use plug-ins to balance requests before traffic comes.

Website Speed

Customers are impatient individuals, and every second of loading time reduces your conversion rate by 12%.

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Website Speed

Therefore, it would be best to correct slow loading by using PageSpeed Insights or Google's Test My Site. These tools can help you fix poor loading times by highlighting software factors that can affect on-site performance and providing advice on improving it.

User-friendly Interface

We've proven that having an easy-to-use website is critical for Black Friday success, especially as desktop customers convert at the highest rate.

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User-friendly Interface

Try these experiments yourself or ask others to look for a specific product to see how easy it is to find. If it takes a long time, you've discovered that your interface is too complicated.

Instead, try grouping reduced products together for Black Friday and other sale times, ensuring the category is unmissable.

Abandoned cart recovery

For Black Friday 2020, the global percentage of abandoned carts was 77.7%. Here are a few strategies to try to reduce the probability of customers leaving your site empty-handed:

  • Offer shoppers a save cart option.
  • Retarget abandoners with ads.
  • Implement exit-intent overlays.
  • Send out abandoned cart emails.
  • Black Friday flash sales
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Abandoned cart recovery

Limited-time specials are the second most crucial factor affecting customers' Black Friday purchasing after free shipping.

In addition, offering flash deals creates a sense of urgency in clients, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases.

Upselling and cross-selling

These evergreen sales tactics can be excellent drivers of sales on Black Friday as they illustrate the perceived value, which is what Black Friday is all about.

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Upselling and cross-selling

Whether providing a complimentary product with another purchase or including products in a bundle, these time-sensitive sales tactics can boost that all-important conversion rate.

Excellent Promotional Campaigns from Big Retailers Over Years

Launching your Black Friday marketing content during the busiest time of the year for e-commerce shops can feel like dropping a tiny drop into a limitless ocean.

Do you want to make a large splash with your small ripple? Take a page from these marketing legends for ideas on how to make a splash this Black Friday.

Gymshark's Blackout Friday

Gymshark, like the millennial industry shakers, is ripping up the Black Friday rulebook.

Gymshark's usual Black Friday routine consists of 'Blackout Friday 'reversing the unstated marketing design code. Instead, ads are accompanied by photographs of models in extremely low illumination, leaving the merchandise barely visible.

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By limiting the quick view of the items on offer, stimulates audience curiosity.

As a result, it is compelling for consumers to visit the site to solve the riddle, thereby putting them one step closer to purchasing.

Given Gymshark's continued popularity in the online fitness community, it's far to say this works for them.

Overall, Gymshark's method is a dangerous Black Friday marketing strategy in general. However, this strategy may best suit brands with a cult following and a substantial year-round loyal client base.

Apple's Black Friday Email Teasing

When it comes to brand recognition, these guys have you covered all year. Most individuals have a walking Apple advertisement in their pocket, highlighting its ongoing innovation through regular iOS updates.

You might be astonished to learn that Apple takes a more traditional approach to Black Friday than you'd expect from a leading technology company.

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Apple's Black Friday Email Teasing

They use email marketing as a strategy. For example, apple employs email marketing updates to tease buyers in the run-up to the big day, and it's often dismissed (wrongly) as old-fashioned.

This strategy keeps the brand and deals in people's thoughts, helping them plan ahead of time. But, unfortunately, it also contributes to the all-important FOMO.

These effects are particularly essential for brands aiming for high order value transactions, such as tech firms.

Pieminister's Philanthropic Flavour

Not the traditional suspect when it comes to the Black Friday rush, but Pieminister, a British pie store chain, has made the big day work for them.

Even though they are not an e-commerce company, they offered an excellent example of how to stand out on Black Friday.

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Pieminister's Philanthropic Flavour

You can refer to Pieminister's strategy as 'putting the heart back into Black Friday'.

The pie brand turns to charity to soften the tone marked by consumerism and excess at a time of year.

Pieminister sponsored the 'Black Pieday Big Pie Giveaway' in collaboration with Shelter, a homelessness charity. Customers received complimentary (black) pies in exchange for donations to Shelter.

This act brought attention to both homelessness and food waste, as well as the Pieminister brand.

Pieminister used this campaign to familiarize customers with their socially conscious brand values, increase organic social media engagement, and avoid the annual advertising bidding battle.

Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday Hilarity

This adult-themed card game brand is known for its satirical and irreverent sense of humour, and they don't take Black Friday off.

Every year, Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday stunts get crazier and crazier, from selling $100 bills for each dollar to auctioning off actual to raising their pricing for the promotional period.

The brand's internet PR stunts are often a hit, with many of them going viral. But, surprisingly, it appears that boosting prices increases sales in this scenario!

In 2020, the brand astonished the most by skipping their usual pranks in honour of the year's worldwide upheaval.

Instead of pranking their customers, they decided to contribute $250,000 to charity, including those that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cards Against Humanity understands their audience and tone, maintaining current with pop culture and current events to guarantee they always hit the appropriate pitch.

But, most significantly, they know that, like Pieminister, social media is a crucial and cost-effective tool for Black Friday marketing.

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria CEO Massimiliano Spalazzi said in a recently held conference,

"The Black Friday campaign has been a success year-on-year, hence the reason we're hosting it for the 8th time. As it has always been, this year's campaign will focus on providing support for MSMEs, seeing that it's been a rather challenging year for many businesses.

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Jumia Nigeria

Black Friday will be an excellent opportunity to recoup sales that may have run low due to the lockdown brought on by the global pandemic. It is also an avenue to give back to consumers by offering them excellent and cost-saving deals."

Jumia, in collaboration with thousands of vendors and brands on its platform, provides customers with a diverse range of products, including groceries, electronics, and home goods, as well as unique offers such as flash sales and treasure hunts.

So, What should you take from the Black Friday Successes of these Brands?

The common denominators, it appears, are strong Email marketing, Support for MSMEs and Organic social media marketing strategies.

In addition, businesses look for ways to optimize the Black Friday event to accommodate the increased demand for discounted products every year.

Here are some helpful hints for your business to increase its discounting potential.

  • Run Black Friday promotions through your website before the weekend so you can have enough stock to meet the spike in demand.
  • Have stock ready for the Black Friday event. You don't want to miss out on the increased demand. Make sure your website is fully functional, up to date and well designed to be compatible with mobile devices. - Don't play hardball with your pricing. If you do, the price will go up once the sale is over.
  • Keep your prices low. Keeping your costs low doesn't mean compromising on the cost price.

How To Develop An Effective Black Friday Banner

The National Retail Federation predicted 164 million people who prepared to buy the entire five-day Thanksgiving vacation last year.

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday positions a crucial function to brand names and customers alike. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping seasons in the United States. As a result, sellers know how vital Black Friday is to prevent going below the red line before the year ends.

That's why a Black Friday banner is imperative for increasing those sales and completing the year strong. Moreover, since Black Friday affects merchants' stocks, the US economy's lifeline depends on this event.

Does that mean producing a Black Friday banner will immediately generate sales? Describe the Sayings quote, "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth." That stated, you should strive to put the right components into your Black Friday banners, making graphic style a priority.

Black Friday Banner: Value of Graphic Design

We are living in a digitally advanced world. As a result, graphic design has evolved from the 1960s until today. From Black and white images to interactive GIFs, the plan has become a strong selling point for businesses.

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Value of Graphic Design

That's why companies should focus on graphic design when developing their Black Friday banner concepts. So naturally, you desire to concentrate on the ideal typography, colours, white space, design, and so on to grab people's attention.

Whether you're producing a Black Friday homepage banner or banner advertisement, you want to make individuals click on your banner. The easiest way is to include the ideal Black Friday banner components that captivate customers eyes.

What Black Friday Banner Ideas Should Consist Of

While you're searching online, do you ever discover those banners shown on the top or listed below the website? Has any of them ever stopped whatever you were doing and prompted you to click? That's what your Black Friday advertisement ought to do. Make sure to consist of these elements on your banner:

Popular Heading

Nothing could be more crucial than a clear and compelling heading or a clear message, for that matter. Include the ideal words that draw individuals' eyes to your banner. Words like "Black Friday, Sale, Discount Rate, Exclusive, Deals, VIP, Limited, Hurry, Special Deal, and Up to % off" can be utilized.

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Popular Heading

These words will undoubtedly capture your audience's attention. Typography choice matters. However, not a fixed rule, most Black Friday banners choose a bold, print font style. Take this design template from Vecteezy, for instance.

Uncluttered Design

The design is fundamentally as important as the heading since a banner might differ in sizing. Also, because you're just working on a small area, the layout is vital.

You don't desire a messy design. Choose the essential details just so the eyes can concentrate on those to make them simpler to digest. Don't worry about not having the ability to maximize the entire space. The most important thing is the impact of the banner.

Dominant Call to Action

Never ignore the power of the call-to-action phrase. These phrases are there to play sports on the customers' minds and eyes, and they have a visceral result on an individual.

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An active call to action should not be amongst all the other elements on your Black Friday banner. Instead, they need to protrude like an aching thumb.

Colour Palettes

You'll need to take into account colour psychology when making your Black Friday banner ads.

If you search online for Black Friday banner designs and ideas, you'll notice one favourite colour, Black. Black signifies authority, power, and sophistication, which is an exceptional colour to choose for your banner.

It doesn't come out too strong; white offsets everything out. You may likewise integrate splashes of red onto your banner as red symbolizes energy and interest.

This option is best for the whole Thanksgiving weekend as individuals will be in a state of craze during this time. Or you might also include other colours that denote happiness and pleasure, like yellow or orange.

It would be best to make your vacation banner ads pop out, so thinking of brilliant colours may be more captivating.

Exclusive Discount rates

Once consumers rivets on your heading, the next thing they'll appear for is how much the special offers are. But, again, it's neither a marketing rule nor a banner standard; it's just human impulse.

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Exclusive Discount rates

That stated, guarantee that you consist of the most significant markdown portion on your banner. However, remember that transparency is necessary too.

You don't desire to provide consumers false promises as this may turn them off.

Sense of Urgency

When brands consider vacation marketing campaigns, one method to get customers to act is ingraining a sense of seriousness.

A consumers' mindset during Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend is already hellbent on getting more for less. Yes, FOMO is real, individuals! Whatever seriousness you toss in will offer them that additional nudge to make them act ASAP.

Try words and phrases like "Limited, Now, Hurry, Expires, Never again, Last, The Last possibility, Going out, Quick and Quick".

Additional Catchy Components

Make your Black Friday banner concepts distinct by adding some enticing features like GIFs or images. Take this example from Vecteezy with a picture of a consumer.

This banner subliminally implicates a vision to any audience that they might be that happy consumer if they purchase from your store.

Another technique to make your Black Friday ads more interactive is through GIFs. They're enjoyable, modern, and can resonate with any audience.

Black Friday Banner Concepts: Employing Professionals

Working with specialists is always a worthwhile financial investment when it pertains to your vacation marketing campaigns.

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Employing Professionals

The little cost you invest in letting professionals create the most skilled Black Friday banners will return a hundredfold.

Are you planning to run a Black Friday sales? Do you have issues optimizing your website,

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