Major Website Turn-offs You Should Avoid

4 min read , November 9, 2023
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A website tends to be the hub of any business in this day and age, so you need to make sure it’s looking good and functioning correctly. Customers, clients, potential business partners and other stakeholders will be judging your site – it only fits that you put lots of effort into it.

Lacklustre websites are still rife in 2023 – even with web designers helping out, their prevalence won’t disappear for a while yet. It’s up to you to make sure you create a website with a quality design or improve what you already have. If you currently have a website that people don’t buy into, then these ten reasons are probably why:

A Confusing Interface

When anyone visits a website for the first time, they want to be immediately given an easy set of instructions. Many designs have buttons and toolbars in odd places, which can put people off straight away. With tedbree, you can rest assured that your site will be given an original and attractive design while pointing visitors to where they need to go.

Takes Too Long To Load

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Takes Too Long To Load

People do not want to wait to see the content of a website load. First impressions are essential, and if you cannot satisfy visitors quickly, they’re going to form a negative opinion of the site and the brand sharply. If you’ve ever loaded up a website and had to wait longer than the typical time, then you’ll know how frustrating it is. In 2021, competition and quality were high, so you can’t afford to have this kind of mishap.

Photography Isn’t Appealing.

When a website has the same photos and the same content as every other website, people notice it – especially if they’ve been in a particular industry for a while. Stock photos should be used sparingly and not whenever you get the opportunity. It makes the site look tacky and like every other startup website looking to generate traffic.

Absence Of Blog Contents

While blogs are necessary components of a website, they’re pretty important if you want to grow. Blogs add that extra dimension that keeps people interested and attracted. Visitors will want to read essential posts that give them important information. Blogs are also excellent for SEO purposes, so they’re vital from a digital marketing standpoint.

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Absence Of Blog Contents

Sliders Take Forever To Load

Once the page has loaded, you’ll need to have the widgets and animations functioning just as well. Sometimes, a slider at the front of a homepage will have vital and significant info attached to it that the visitor will want to know. The slow slider speed can also be a problem as it will not only bring down the quality of the rest of the site but slow everything else down, too.

Not Optimized For Mobile

The vast majority of visitors will also have smartphones. They will search for your website using their phone a lot. It’s up to you to make sure that the design is more than acceptable on mobile and desktop. When a website isn’t optimized for mobile, it can be frustrating for any visitor looking to get basic information.

Way Too Much SEO Copy!

It’s common among amateurish websites to feature content that is crammed with keywords. It’s not easy on the eyes or meant for people to sit and enjoy reading through. There’s a way of inputting the correct keywords to boost SEO, and experts such as web design companies know it’s not through forcing them in wherever you can.

No Social Media References

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No Social Media References

A business or website will need to have social media platforms supplementing the brand. Most stakeholders in this day and age will look out for social media accounts that back up the website, so if there aren’t any to be seen, that will raise eyebrows. It’s unsettling to see zero references to social media platforms in 2020 as it has become a staple of the business world.


While pop-ups serve a purpose sometimes, they’re very annoying while trying to get information out of a site. When designing your website, you might want a pop-up to encourage visitors to sign up or subscribe, but that should be just about it. Seeing adverts and other aspects jump out isn’t attractive.

Too Much Jargon

People want to be satisfied immediately. They want to understand what’s going on right out of the blocks. If you use too many words that people will not understand straight away, that will put them off immediately. Not everyone will be an expert in your niche, so you need to treat every visitor as such.

All in all, a website should have every box ticked and every corner checked. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the web, so you need to make sure you’re standing out positively. If you follow this article and make sure you’re keeping an eye on each point, then the chances are you’ll be in a much better position in the future.

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