Guidelines To Choosing The Right Playbooks For Your Brand.

Tech Leaders 3 min read , July 1, 2021
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Introduction To Playbooks

What are playbooks? Playbooks are Tedbreehub services that provide digital solutions for your Marketing & Tech goals. They provide a positive outcome that gives your brand the visibility it deserves and brings your ideas to life. Each playbook is tailored to your needs to achieve either of these two goals: marketing goals or Tech goals.

Furthermore, Marketing playbooks have significant objectives, including optimizing brands, Building awareness to attract new customers, retaining old ones. They are also responsible for promoting brand awareness, nurturing leads by turning them into high sales conversions, and growing delightful and loyal customers; they will help promote the brand over time.

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Introduction To Playbooks

Knowing the marketing and digital goals of a playbook, you should know the right playbooks for your brand and because social media is ever-evolving, you can now interact with customers and fans directly on social media. Those that are new to the social media world will most likely find it intimidating and stressful. However, if you decide to follow trends blindly, you will most likely mix things up and not fulfil the actual purpose of creating a unique social media page.

To not get off the rail, you should consider these guidelines before choosing a playbook for your brand.

Strategic Approach.

Having a strategy is insanely important. It would be best if you began by setting attainable goals; the playbooks you are adopting should have similar goals as the ones you have stated for yourself. To achieve this, you need to understand your target audience, pay special attention to the social media channel and the type of content that will attract them.

Choose Playbooks that are Consistent.

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Choose Playbooks that are Consistent.

Consistency is not just about purchasing playbooks. The playbooks must have a consistent pattern of posting content. Ensure that your page is being monitored at all times. Overall, work hand in hand with a content creator, social media manager, and graphics designer to ensure that posts regularly drops at the right time and with great content.

Playbooks that Promotes Your Creativity.

In whatever you do, be creative and unique. You should also adopt playbooks that will give your brand that unique feel. Moreover, you don't want your page to look like every other page out there on social media. Your page should always stand out. Set high standards for your brand and never compromise on it. Use your page to voice out your opinion.

Playbooks that GeneratesTraffic.

Social traffic refers to traffic from social networks/platforms to your website, mobile site, or mobile app. For instance, a user who clicks on a tweet or a Facebook post and subsequently visits your brand's website will be included as social traffic in your digital analytics reports.

The primary purpose of every social media plan is to drive traffic and boost sales. So, consider the playbook that is most likely going to increase sales and drive traffic to your social media page.

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Generates Traffic.

Also, perform monthly analytics on your social media page to monitor traffic driven to the page each month. Tools like Hootsuite, Ubersuggest, Databox and others are suggested to run an analytic.

Call to Action / Responsiveness.

In social media marketing, engagement is critical. A marketing campaign's most critical component is the call to action (CTA).

Additionally, it is the difference between losing a prospective client and closing a deal. A playbook should be perfect enough to create engagement on your social media page. The call to action used in the playbook must be captivating, and it should redirect targeted audiences to the website to make an immediate purchase.


In conclusion, social media encompasses all types of content. For as long as there is no restriction whatsoever to clicking the 'POST' button on social media, the playbook is left for you to utilize. You might want to consider hiring a professional to give your page that perfect look and feel, or better still, you can purchase the right playbook(s) for your brand here.

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