How GIFs Can Help Your Brand Become an Internet Sensation

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Tedbree-How GIFs can Help Your Brand

Do you want to find out more about GIFs? Are you interested in how a GIF happy birthday message can take your business to the next level?

In this blog post, you’ll learn everything about funny GIFs, kiss GIFs, hug GIFs, birthday GIFs, love GIFs, and thank you GIFs, from their definitions and importance to the steps you need to enhance your brand.

What Is A GIF Video?

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Tedbree-How GIFs can Help Your Brand

GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format,” and it’s a form of an image file that’s more dynamic than a regular JPEG as it can be a good morning GIF. Unlike a JPEG, it has lossless compression properties. This ensures the quality of the image doesn’t decline, even when features such as text and movements are incorporated.

Why Use GIFs As Part Of Your Brand Optimization Strategy?

These are incredibly popular, with the majority of them used on social media platforms and instant messaging services. As a result, they incorporate a wide range of benefits for businesses.

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Event Or Product Promotion

Although GIFs are traditionally used to express feelings and emotions, savvy businesses are tweaking them to promote products and events. Retailers are prime examples, shooting videos of models wearing clothes and accessories, and turning them into short and snappy GIFs.

Audience Retention

Customers and readers don’t want to spend time skimming through long words and articles to get to the point. They’re busy, so they’d rather the information was presented to them quickly and clearly. They are so effective that reports suggest GIFs help to reduce the impacts of consumer habits. For example, users only read 28% of all words on a website.

Brand Personality

With markets saturated to the point that it’s hard to gain recognition, you must think outside of the box. Funny GIFs let you do this by highlighting your company’s personality. Once audiences laugh, they are more likely to engage with your marketing emotionally. This goes for pretty much every relatable emotion.

Brand Engagement

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Tedbree-How GIFs can Help Your Brand

The most important aspect of GIF videos is that they encourage people to engage with your brand. Merely posting a single GIF can result in hundreds of responses, enhancing your appeal and improving your ability to generate leads and make conversions.

How To Promote Your Business With GIFs

The next step is to promote your business with the right GIFs. Choosing right is essential as you can’t integrate random images and hope they work. Like all advertising methods, they should have a purpose, add value, and target a relevant demographic.

Keep reading to find out which elements are vital for customer engagement and brand awareness.

Keep It Short

GIFs are shareable and easy to consume thanks to their concise nature. You’re not trying to replace your video content, which is why a GIF shouldn’t be longer than five to seven seconds.

Make It Funny

| header image | tedbree | gifs helps brand become internet sensation
Tedbree-How GIFs can Help Your Brand

Not all GIFs are funny, yet the majority muster a giggle because the tagline contrasts the picture. It doesn’t even have to relate to your company outright. Lots of businesses post ones that link to emotions and imply that their products and services can help.

Lure Them In

A GIF is an excellent way to entice readers into making a conversion. By posting on social media with a GIF and a link to a blog post or promotion, you can increase click-through rates by a considerable margin.

Be Subtle

Cinemagraphs are GIFs within GIFs. Instead of the traditional format that includes lots of moving parts, cinematography only adds motion to one or two elements. Marketing with this variation of a GIF packs a powerful punch, as Stuart Weitzman has proven over the past couple of years.

How To Make GIFs That Stand Out

Repurposing GIFs isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd. Audiences want original content that’s engaging and interactive. Here’s how to hit these targets when crafting GIFs.

Brand your GIFs in replies: you want to start a conversation, so why not use a GIF to create the spark? All you have to do is develop GIFs that respond to questions, queries and comments that include your logo or any asset that’s synonymous with the business.

Add them to chatbots: chatbots can be tedious, even though they are helpful. You can add to their usefulness and make them more exciting by incorporating a GIF. Start by opening the conversation with a GIF that breaks the ice to add variety and appease annoyed customers.

Start a Giphy channel: once you develop a GIF game that people love, you should make them shareable to cement your position. Opening a channel on Giphy allows people to browse your best ones and share them on their favourite platforms, including blogs and websites.

In Conclusion, it is important you keep up with the trends online if you want to keep your brand at the top, and using GIFs is a step in the right direction.

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