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Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization

Tech Guides 4 min read , August 11, 2020
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If you have ever scrolled through the thousands upon thousands of search engine results that appear on your browser, then it’s more than likely you have happened across a blog.

In short, a blog (an abbreviation of “weblog”) is a word which describes a type of website that maintains a constant chronicle of information or knowledge. Weblog features commentary similar to that of a diary, and content can focus on a specific subject or an entire spread.

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www.Tedbree.com- Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization

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Now, you may be asking yourself ‘why do I need to create a blog as a business owner?’ - in fact, there are many strong reasons that would suggest it can be extremely beneficial for organisations to get online and produce their own content.

In Terms of Statistics

It’s said that B2B marketers who utilise blogging platforms can receive 67% more leads compared with those who don’t, so the figures speak for themselves. There’s no time like the present to begin developing a strong online presence for your brand, and kick-starting your own blog could just be the perfect solution.

A Weblog is a Completely Different Concept than a Simple Website

| header image | Tedbree  Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization
www.Tedbree.com- Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization

The two platforms have very few similarities in terms of their purpose.
It’s more than likely you already have a business website for your organisation, which potentially contains a list of your products or services which can be bought through the site itself along with a few other basic pages such as ‘contact’, or ‘about us’.

This is generally as far as it goes for simple web pages, as a blog is much more free and creative with regards to what can be published, so most content which must be published to your target audience is pushed from one platform to another.

A Blog has many Articles

A blog will have many articles many of which utilising backlinks and other handy SEO tools, whereas a simple website should not contain block text or lengthy information. Creating a blog will open up the opportunity to link both sites together, meaning that your customers can access either of your sites through the click of a button no matter which URL they type in.

Creating a Blog is an Inspiring and often Expressive Act

| header image | Tedbree  Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization
www.Tedbree.com- Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization

This is far easier than one might initially expect, and you can even find ways to create your own blog for free - what’s not to like? Many blogging beginners spend several hours trying to figure out how to navigate around a WordPress platform, but there are many helpful resources which you can make the most of to better understand the process of building a quality weblog.

The platform which hosts blog creation (WordPress) maintains thousands of themes for you to choose between, but you can also decide to completely revamp and transform the aesthetic of your new blog to create a unique aesthetic to better suit your unique brand.

There are a few simple factors which must be considered in the early days of your blog, including:

  • Name of your site
  • The content you would like to publish, and the
  • General colour scheme or style you wish to pursue long term.

Maintaining one specific writing style and look for your blog will encourage your readers to feel more at home when visiting your site for a second or third time, encouraging them to build a greater bond of trust and reliance too.

A Weblog can attract a number of new customers to your business

A worthwhile blog is one which can attract a number of new customers to your business, help to increase your total sales or encourage a greater buzz around your brand.

| header image | Tedbree  Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization
www.Tedbree.com- Creating a Blog for Brand Optimization

Unfortunately, this won’t all happen immediately after you publish your new blog, as for gripping content and a chic design won’t do the trick in attracting sufficient attention. Blogs thrive on using something known as search engine optimisation, or SEO for short.

SEO tools support your blog in reaching internet users everywhere, pushing your site towards the top of results pages to ensure you do not get lost amongst a sea of millions of other similar pages that also exist online.

Whether this means using previously mentioned backlinks to encourage your blog to rise in the ranks, or including many relevant keywords inside your content that relate back to your industry or subject area, there are so many options to explore.

In conclusion, creating a blog will allow your brand to attract as many new customers as possible, adapting to suit the modern world and its new-age business methods. Complete optimization has never been so simple when you are able to utilise the information detailed above.

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