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Celebrating Women in Tech: The Power of Having a Growth Mindset.

Tech Leaders 4 min read , April 8, 2022

A growth mentality is a concept that you control your intelligence’s development. This concept is widely discussed because people feel that their intelligence determines everything about them. People who use a growth mindset are more successful because they believe intelligence is improvable. By having that mentality, women can push themselves to the fullest and utilize every opportunity to succeed.

Simply put, the growth mindset is the idea that you can become smarter through hard work and study. People with this growth mindset also believe they can improve their skills by putting in more effort instead of just possessing an innate skill set that cannot change at all.

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Lena Lou - Founder of L Factor

A growth mindset is leaning toward learning and intelligence that embraces the genuine possibility of personal improvement instead of viewing oneself as intellectually fixed.

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When working towards a goal, do you hold a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Now, what does your answer reveal about how you approach challenges?

The CEO of Tedbree, Tommie Edwards, hosted an event and discussed the power of having a growth mindset and building a mindset for success.

Gracing this event, Leena Lou (Founder of the L Factor), Dorothy Ashimolow (Founder of Create and Copy), and Audrey Limery (Founder of Kweevo)

Find Your Method of Growth

Developing a growth mindset will challenge you to embrace work and life’s chaotic, unpredictable and complex nature. It helps you improve your performance, navigate challenges, learn from and collaborate with others, build trust and loyalty at work and play a key role in supporting your team members.

The first step in walking in growth is discovering your strengths, acknowledging the areas you need to improve, and finding ways to grow.

You need to discover yourself and identify things that can help your growth mindset. During the event, Leena Lou spoke on how you don’t exactly have to change who you are before you start walking in growth. You need to create the space in your day that allows you to focus on growing.

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Dorothy Ashimolow - Founder of Create and Copy

Once you discover your drive and how best you can grow, you’ll need to challenge yourself by learning something new and actively taking steps to improve yourself daily.

Whether that means learning a new skill, like programming, studying music theory, or practising an instrument, some resources can help you do more each day. There’s a learning process available for everyone!

Of all the things you need to get through life, intelligence is at the top of the list. You will never outgrow the need to keep your mind sharp and agile.

Risk-Taking and Growth

Sometimes, you need to take risks. However, rushing into risks can bring more harm. Therefore, it is essential to balance risk with reward.

A calculated risk is well informed and prepared for - unlike an impulsive decision to jump off a cliff without considering whether or not there is a parachute strapped to your back.

Calculated risks are what make the world go round. We need to be taking them. Everyone has to decide for themselves if they want to take the risk. You don’t want your entire company or career on the line when you make these decisions. You want to make sure that they are rational and realistic choices. A calculated risk is when you put yourself in a position to succeed, not fail.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

People with a fixed mindset believe they are born with a fixed level of intelligence and creativity that cannot be increased. On the other hand, people who possess the growth mindset are usually surrounded by other motivated people who share their passions and interests.

The people around you can positively or negatively affect your perspective on growth.

During the event, Dorothy Ashimolowo said, “Part of the growth mindset is about being surrounded by people who believe in making the impossible happen.”

| mytechcompanion.com | header image | Audery Limery | Celebrating Women in Tech: The Power of Having a Growth Mindset |
Audrey Limery of Founder of Kweevo

If you’re with the wrong people, it’ll become easier to think without taking any action.

Successful people are drawn toward other successful people to keep each other accountable.

Don’t Fear Failures: Learn From Them.

You haven’t failed until you quit trying. Failure is a crucial step on the route to success. Setting goals and working towards them exposes weaknesses and builds competence in all areas, such as strengths, intellect, or character. Challenge yourself, meet your goals and find a new life purpose!

“Think more of how I can learn from those failures. Never quit trying. Be ready to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” Audrey Limery said during the event.

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The power of having a growth mindset
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