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5 Tips To Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO Like A Pro

Tech Start-ups 3 min read , April 5, 2021
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When you are running a business with a blog, it is important that you understand SEO marketing and there is a wide variety of SEO tools to help make it successful. You may even want to look into SEO services or an SEO agency to give you a professional experience on your side.

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SEO optimization has a lot of factors that can be hard to keep track of if you are just getting started. There are practices to increase SEO for Google and different ones to take into consideration when you are doing SEO for your blog. Tools like an SEO checker or SEO analyzer can help you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It is also helpful to understand the SEO definition before you jump in.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Paying attention to SEO marketing helps increase both the quality and the quantity of traffic to your website. This is primarily done through search engine results.

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What is SEO

By tailoring your website to include more aspects of SEO-friendly components, you look more appealing to search engines for specific user searches which drives traffic to your website.

When you have more traffic, you will have more potential customers. By tailoring your SEO marketing plan, you can help guide members of your target demographic to your website so the quality of website visits is also higher.

Keyword Implementation

It is important to do some keyword research as you work on your SEO optimization plan. The important part of keyword research is to find words that your target demographic will probably include in their internet searches when they are looking for things similar to the products and services you offer.

Once you have keywords, you also need to implement them into your blog posts. Having keywords in your blog titles and headings will help them stand out to search engine crawlers. You should also include them in your introduction and conclusion within the post. Having them in an anchor text used for SEO backlinks and meta descriptions will also increase your SEO rankings.


It is also important that you pay attention to your images when you create a blog post. You should include keywords in the file name. You should also make sure to include a description that includes keywords in the alternate text field.

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SEO Backlinks & External Links

Linking your blog posts with other posts is also important. You should include both backlinks to your own blog and external links to other websites. This helps search engine crawlers see you as a reputable website. It also helps your blog because readers may explore other pages on your website instead of just one.

Providing links to other bloggers is also a great way to network. Making these connections will give you insight into the industry and you may even get links to your blogs on other websites which will increase your traffic as well.

Subscription Messages

It is also important to give visitors the option to subscribe to your blog. If they were pleased with what they saw on your website, then they may be willing to come back. The trouble is that once a viewer leaves your website, they are unlikely to remember to come back on their own.

Giving them the option to subscribe to your website means that you will have their email address. Adding them to your email newsletter list gives you access to people who are already interested in your business. This direct contact helps you increase your sales funnel and makes one-time visitors long-time viewers.

Social Media

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Social Media

You can’t have a successful blog without utilizing social media. There are many different social media platforms, and beginners should not try to use all of them at once. If you think about your target demographic, you are going to realize that they spend their time on specific platforms. Once you know that information, you can tailor your SEO marketing strategy to emphasize those areas first.

Social media allows you to reach your audience more frequently, but it also gives you the opportunity to engage with them and open up the lines of communication.

Getting Started

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different aspects of SEO marketing. Finding an SEO analyst or SEO consultant to help you create and implement a plan for your blog can be a huge benefit to your company. SEO experts from MyDigitalBooth can help you make sense of all the ways to create an SEO Blog and website that will blow your competition out of the water.

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