10 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

4 min read , November 9, 2023
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There are a number of reasons why people leave your website. Even if you have written some compelling content, you need to know how to cite a website, APA-style, in order to show that you are a leader in your industry and you do know what you are talking about. You also need to build a website that responds well and looks good, as the website design you have, or the website builder you use, does make a difference to people sticking around.

If you want to build a site that encourages people to stick around, then find a website developer like us at MyDigitalBooth. We design websites that look good, are responsive, mobile-friendly, and can also help with APA website citation too. Other than site designers, there are some things that you can do to help people to stay longer on your site and see what else you have to offer. Here are some things to think about and put into place.

Your Website Design Is Outdated

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Your Website Design Is Outdated

When it comes to websites, people do judge it by how it looks. If it looks very unprofessional, outdated, and even just a little basic, then it can look untrustworthy. There have been studies into this, and nearly 95% of people who feel uneasy about a website, put it down to the design of the site. So when building a website, this is a really important consideration when looking at how to make a website that reduces bounce rate. If what you have needs an update, then using professional website builders can make a difference.

Outdated Plugins

On a similar note, the plugins that you use on your website build can be a reason why people leave your site. Website visitors aren’t going to hang around to wait for things to load or to install an update. So when you make a website, make sure that you make the site with up-to-date plugins, and keep checking that they stay up-to-date too.

Too Many Ads

If your website is run with a lot of ads, then you might not want to get rid of all of them. However, you don’t need to have them everywhere, much like you’ll see on The Knot wedding website, for example. Think about where they are placed, and avoid too many pop-ups, especially if it is hard to see how to clear them off the screen. People will leave the site if there are too many and if they keep popping up.

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Too Many Ads

The Navigation Structure Is Unclear

People will quickly leave your site if the layout is unclear, and they can’t easily find what they are looking for. Users don’t want to get caught in an endless maze of poorly laid-out navigation options. Look at the site with fresh eyes, as if you are a new customer, and adjust it accordingly.

Obtrusive Registration Requirements

Having some gated content is a great tool to be able to generate leads and improve the sales funnel of a website. However, if there is too much that is gated, or there are too many requirements, then it will actually impact your conversion rate as people will give up and leave. Decide if all fields are necessary because people don’t want to give away all of their information just for a small discount on a weekly email, for example.

The Website Lacks Branding Or Personality

This is going to be different for every website, as they are all different. But if your site looks like anyone could have written it, then it will put people off (especially if the branding is not clear).

The Site Is Slow To Load

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The Site Is Slow To Load

There is no getting away from the fact that you need to have a site that is user-friendly, and this starts with having a site that is responsive and quick to load. Optimizing your site to improve its performance is a good idea, as there are things that can be removed or updated that will speed things up.

No Call To Action

A lot of business websites are lacking in calls-to-action. This could mean that the ones you have aren’t written clearly or they just don’t exist. The people visiting your site are unlikely to take any action if there isn’t a reminder to do so. On all pages, blog posts, and product pages, include a call-to-action.

Pages Aren’t What Was Expected

When someone clicks onto a page expecting one thing, but it isn’t that at all, they will just leave. So when you plan your website layout, it is important to not over-promise and under-deliver. If you do this will lead to low conversion and a high bounce rate.

Hacked Website

Unfortunately, many websites can be hacked from time to time. Being busy running a business, this can be hard to keep track of without the right kind of monitoring program. So make sure that you have one installed to help, otherwise, you’ll miss out on important sales and conversions, and will lose website visitor’s trust.

In conclusion, by addressing these issues, you should see a massive improvement in the performance of your website. Do get in touch if you want to talk about your website design, to make sure that it is looking good, responding well, and being the most user-friendly that it can be.

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